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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Salmon

There's so many different pasta style out there, but my favorite one got to be the very basic & simple one, Aglio e Olio. Aglio e Olio literally mean Garlic and Oil, which is the main ingredients for the pasta sauce here beside the salt and pepper.
Aglio e Olio is very delicious, without using a lot of different ingredient, it let every single ingredients shine on its own. You can add anything to this pasta style, and last time I was using salmon...just because that's what I had on my fridge at the moment. I love to cook this at any time, especially if I had friends came over and I don't have a lot of stuff on my fridge. It's easy, fast, delicious and really inexpensive!
This is one of the dish I cooked prior to writing this blog, I didn't use any measurement while cooking this dish. What important is : taste taste and taste, then keep adjusting the flavor to perfection.

Ps. I remember that I cooked this dish when my dear friend Vanessa visited me, and she made the Caesar salad...I miss her! :)

garlic, chopped.
olive oil
salmon, cubed.
red bell pepper, cubed.
salt & black pepper
parsley flakes
parmesan cheese

Cooking Method,
1. Cook the spaghetti following the instruction on the box. I usually add some salt and olive oil into the boiling water.
Make sure that your pasta cooked al dente, and not too soft.
2. Meanwhile, heat a pan and drizzle the olive oil. Be generous.
3. Lower the heat to medium, add the garlic and red bell pepper...I like to use a lot of garlic!
4. Stir the garlic and red bell pepper, but don't let it turn brown.
5. Add the salmon, stir until the salmon is cooked.
6. Add the cooked spaghetti, season them with salt and black pepper.
7. Sprinkle some parsley flakes, mix well.
8. Served with with sprinkle of parmesan cheese

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