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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Butter Sauteed Clam in Pear Sake

Butter sauteed clam featured in many many happy hours menus in fancy restaurants everywhere, and it got to be one of my favorite happy hour menu to choose.
Now that I'm a mom and I got no nanny, it seems impossible for me to go enjoying fancy happy hours anymore. Oh well, if I can't go to the happy hours, why don't I bring my favorite happy hours dish to my own kitchen :)
This dish is very easy and delicious, everyone can create their happy hours at home now!

Ps. I use the Asian Pear Sake because I had an open bottle already, you can use any sake that you like.

1,5 lb clams
4 garlic
1 tbs salted butter

Cooking Method,
1. Wash the clam clean, then put them in a bowl and steam them. This way, you'll get some clam broth.
2. Heat a pan, melt the butter.
3. Lower the heat to medium, add garlic, do not let them turn brown,
4. Add the steamed clam and the clam broth,
5. Drizzle some sake to the pan, close the lid for 3 minutes.
6. Enjoy your delicious butter sauteed clam, dip some bread to the delicious broth.

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