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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sop Buntut / Oxtail Soup

Oxtail soup always reminds me of my younger brother. I remember that oxtail soup is one of his favorite dish and he always ask mom to buy him oxtail soup from a restaurant not far from our house. So, if we had oxtail soup at home, most likely it's because my brother requested it.
My mom doesn't cook oxtail soup, and even my master-chef grandma told me "if you want to cook oxtail soup, just use that instant spice pack, it's taste so good and so easy!". So I always been using the instant spice pack ever since. I even remember the very first time I cook oxtail soup, I didn't have any idea that I had to cook the soup for a long to achieve the tasty soup with tender meat. I only cooked it for 30 minutes, and the meat was so rubbery like It was on 2006 in Seattle while I live together with my brother.
Last month, my friend Tess invite me over for dinner, and she cooked me oxtail soup. I asked her if she made the soup from scratch (not using instant spice pack", and she said yes. She told me that she only seasoned the soup with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Nutmeg is the key ingredient here.
Inspired by her oxtail soup, I recreate my own version of oxtail soup. It's very easy and delicious <3

Ps. I usually don't use measurement while I'm cooking, but for the purpose of writing this recipe, I measure every spices and ingredients used to cooked this soup. Enjoy!

2.9 lbs fresh oxtail
5 carrots, peeled & sliced
3 stalk celery
1 big thumb of ginger, sliced
1/2 cabbage, chopped big sliced
1 tbs butter
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
7 tsp nutmeg
1tsp sugar
1 tsp white pepper

Sauce Ingredients A ---> blend all the ingredients in food processor
1 big onion
1 handful of garlic
2 handful of shallot

tomatoes, sliced
green onion, chopped.
lime, sliced.
fried shallot (bawang goreng)

Cooking Method,
1. Wash clean the oxtail, the  boil them in 12 cups of water for 20 minutes until it for the dirty foam. Remove the water, rinse the oxtail one more time.

2. Add 10 cup of cold water into the pan.
3. Add the oxtail and ginger, then bring to boil in high heat for 20 minutes.

4. Low the heat to simmer.
5. Add salt, pepper, sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon powder.
6. Simmer for 1 hour, close the lid.
7. After 1 hour, add the carrots, celery and cabbage (the cabbage wasn't in the picture).

8. Take another pan, heat the butter.

9. Pan fry the blended sauce ingredient A with the butter. Then add it into the soup.

10. Simmer for another 2-3 hours or until the meat is tender and easily falls off from the bone.
11. Put slices of fresh tomato on the bowl, then pour the oxtail soup.

12. Garnish the soup with some green onions, squeeze some lemon and sprinkle the fried shallot...bon apetit!!

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  1. amazing!! great job mommy E xD benar, oxtail soul always reminds me of P man



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