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Friday, September 23, 2011

Salmon Dumpling

Salmon dumpling? a lot of people were surprised when I told them that I made salmon dumplings...why not, right? I was craving for dumplings, but I don't have any at home, and we haven't went for grocery shopping, so we don't have much stuff in the's time to be creative!
This was my very first trial making salmon dumpling, using a few ingredients I could find in my fridge...I can't even remember the amount of the stuff I use because really, it was all like the last stuff I could find...haha.
anyway, here's the original recipe <3

Ps. They are endless possibilities of dumpling style, what is your favorite one?

salmon belly
green onion, thinly slice.
some green vegetable I found at the fridge, chopped
light soy sauce
white pepper
wonton wraps

Cooking Method,
1. Put the salmon belly in microwave for 1 minutes, then you can easily flakes them.
2. Mix the salmon with green onion and the green vegetable.
3. Season them with light soy sauce and white pepper.
4. The way I taste it is to make a small ball (like meatball), and put them in boiling water. Keep tasting until you satisfied with the flavor. You want a mild flavor for dumplings

5. Put one teaspoon of meat into each wonton wrap, use water as the adhesive.

6. Boil the dumpling.
7. I love to eat my dumpling with my own sauce combo: chili garlic sauce + red vinegar + light soy sauce + sesame oil + Indonesian sweet soy sauce (ABC brand)

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