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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pork Bone Soup with Fuzzy Gourd & King Oyster Mushroom

I remember my first time eating the pork bone soup, it was on my visit to hubby's grandparent's house that was 3 hours drive from Seattle. We arrived at night, and hubby's grandma was waiting for us. She served us the pork bone soup, it was so delicious. I remember that she cooked the pork bone soup with the delicious winter melon. I've had been hooked to pork bone soup ever since.
Hubby's grandma taught me how to make the basic pork bone soup, and I had been creating different style of pork bone soup, depend on what I have at this is one of my pork bone soup style, enjoy :)

Ps. I always use a big pot to cook the soup, it would last me 2 to 3 days, remember to put it on the fridge.

1 pack of pork bone
1 pack of king oyster mushroom (mine got 3 big one) sliced medium thickness.
1 medium size of fuzzy gourd, cubed.
1 handful of goji berry
2 big ginger ---> it's like the equal of 4 to 5 human thumbs

Cooking Method,
1. Wash the pork bone and soaked them in cold water for 20 minutes to drain the bloods. If you are in hurry, you can omit this step, I did it too sometimes...haha
2. Boil water on a big pot.
3. Put the pork bone into the boiling water, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Then you'll see the foam rise to the water surface. We don't want those dirty stuff.
4. Throw out the dirty water, rinse the pork bone one more time, rinse the pot, and put new water to the pot.
5. Boil the water with the pork bone in it one more time. Use High temperature
6. Add ginger and salt to taste.
7. Close the pot, wait until the soup is boil, then turn the heat to low / simmer.
8. After one hour, start putting the goji berry, king oyster mushroom and fuzzy gourd.
9. Cook for at least another hour and half, or until the meat of the pork bone are soft and easily fall from the bone.

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  1. thank u ci for the recipe. i gonna try the terong balado tonite. wish me luck. cant wait formore. btw ci u should look out k food magazine app di ipad its amazing!! xx



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