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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kangkung Hotplate with Beef & Quail Eggs

We eat a lot of kangkung in Indonesia, in US, people call it "Morning Glory", you can find them at most of Asian grocery stores.
In Indonesia, kangkung hotplate is served on a hot stone plate. There's a lot of different style of kangkung hot plate, but most of them are stir fry kangkung topped with the gravy. Usually you can find them in Chinese restaurant in Indonesia, so I would put this dish under the Indonesian Chinese Food category :)
Today, I want to share with you all my very own style of kangkung hotplate, I use beef and quail eggs for this dish. It's very simple, slightly spicy and delicious!!
And no, you don't need to serve them on a hotplate if you don't have one. I serve mine on a regular plate.
This is one of the dish I cooked prior before I start my cooking blog, thus I don't use any measurement while cooking it. Remember, keep tasting it is the key of making a success dish.

1 pack of sliced beef
1 can of cooked quail eggs
Olive oil

Sauce Ingredients,
garlic, chopped
2 bird eye chili, sliced
oyster sauce & soy sauce...with ratio 1:1
salt & sugar
1 cup chicken stock (liquid)
corn starch, diluted it in water

Sunny side up Eggs
Fried Shallots

Cooking Method,
1. Wash clean the kangkung, then cut them into 4 lengthwise
2. Separate the stems from the leaves, as they required different cooking time.
3. Heat the pan, heat some oil, then pan fry the kangkung. The stems will require longer cooking time, while the leaves cooked a lot faster. Then set the cooked kangkung aside.
4. Heat a new pan, heat some oil, then pan fry the quail eggs in medium heat until it slightly brown, set them aside.
5. Heat a new pan, heat some oil, add the garlic and bird eye chili. Stir them until the garlic turn brown.
6. Add the beef, stir them until the beefs are half cook
7. Add the oyster sauce and soy sauce, then drizzle some salt and sugar
8. Once the beef are cook, add the quail eggs and chicken stock, mixed them well.
9. Add the diluted corn starch to thickened the sauce.

They are 2 way of serving this dish,
1. As a dish to share: Put the kangkung on a plate, then topped it with the sauce.
2. As individual dish like the picture above: Mix the kangkung into the sauce, then serve it with rice and sunny side up, garnish it with friend onion.

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