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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sai Krok / Fermented Thai Sausage with Rice & Vermicelli

Don't mind the funny shape of the hubby is a
I want to tell you a story about this special Thai sausage. On August 2009, hubby and I was on our honeymoon at Thailand. We ate a lot of Thai foods before, but we never ate the Thai's hawker foods, and off course we won't miss the opportunity to try all those authentic food while we were in Thailand.
One of the food we tried was this sausage, it was amazingly delicious, it was something new to me. The sausage was sour, and had this rice and glass noodle inside it. Oh so amazing!! We had to went to the night market close to our hotel every single day to eat that sausage, and those crazy hawker rise the price everyday! But we were so addicted that we didn't care anymore...haha

Looks amazing, right! :D
In Seattle, I went to a Thai church, and last time, one of my Church friend, Keng -he's a chef here- gave me his homemade Thai sausage, and it was delicious! the taste of the sausage totally remind me to those sausage I ate at Thailand. 
So I asked him if he willing to share me his secret recipe? Not only he shared me his recipe, he even came to my house to teach me to make the sausage, and alsooooooooo...let me share the recipe here, on my humble blog! 

ok, so here's what you need to make the sausage!...I forgot to mention that this is a huge batch of sausage :)

5 lbs fatty ground pork
2 cups garlic, finely grind
2 cups cooked white rice
2 cups rice vermicelli, finely chopped
1/8 cup salt
1/4 cup chicken stock powder
1/4 cup MSG ---> I asked him WHY do we need to use msg? he said that all Thai sausage use msg...also, it will help preserved the flavor when we put it in the freezer. 
1 pack of sausage skin (pig intestines)

1. Mixed all the ingredients on a large bowl, then mix thoroughly. It will be a lot easier if you just put on gloves and mix it with your hands.

2. When you already mixed all the ingredients together, start proceeding with infusing the mixture into the sausage skin. There's a lot of way to do this, if you don't have the machine, you can use regular cone to infused the meat into the skin.
other option is, omit the skin and just make meatballs. Easy and fast! :)

3. This is the important step! after you finished wrapping the sausage, take a toothpick to poke some holes on the sausage's skin. 
4. And then, put the sausage inside the oven (not heated) for 2 days for it to be fermented and creating the slight sour taste. 
5. After 2 days, you can cook the sausage, or put it on the freezer.

We baked our sausage for 40 minutes today, 

The sausages was delicious! last time we also made omelet using this sausages :)
I ate the hawker Thai sausage on 2009, but I can still remember how it tasted. And If I have to compare it with the sausage we made last week, they tasted quite close, but the different is that the hawker one is more sour (probably they put more garlic?) and also more fatty and greasier (because it was deep fried???) 

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